Meditation oils

  These essential oils are essences from the plant kingdom made available to complement and enhance meditation. All oils are steam distilled, except for Blue Lotus and Jasmine, which are absolutes. They can be applied to the body or to your mala before meditation.


Rose Otto – 3ml  ($30)

Rose Otto is the purest form of rose oil, steam distilled without the use of chemicals.


Wisdom – 3ml  ($30)

This oil is a blend of frankincense, cistus, sandalwood, and myrrh.


French Lavender – 5ml  ($24)

This is an organic oil from France known for its calming, relaxing, and balancing qualities. 


Sandalwood – 3ml  ($30)

This oil is imported from Mysore, India.


Blue Lotus - 3ml ($30)

This oil is extracted from the blue lotus of India, also known as the blue water lily.


Jasmine - 3ml ($30)

This pure essence of jasmine comes from India.


Peppermint - 5ml ($24)

This wild-crafted peppermint oil comes from India and may help to clear the mind. (Do not touch the eyes or sensitive skin after handling the oil.)


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