Flames of Grace: An Adventure of Spirit, By Susan Walker

 While sitting quietly in meditation, a young woman hears the voice of the Divine. "You are nothing without me." These words catapult her into a nine-month odyssey filled with faith and trials as she is led to give away all that she owns and all that she believes keeps her safe to receive Mother Meera's darshan.

In this true story, rich with the ecstasy and anguish of leaping into the unknown, we are offered a lesson in faith, a journey into truth and an unforgettable adventure. FLAMES OF GRACE reminds us that we are being watched over every moment, even in times of darkness, and that we must always leave space for the miracles. FLAMES OF GRACE was originally published with Mother's blessing and a request that she remain anonymous. Mother recently gave permission to acknowledge that she is Amma in this story.



Type: Book

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